The Sacred Summoner (Oct. 25, 2015)

by Z Budapest

As we have practiced our Dianic Tradition we have honored the very fundamental skills of those who are good at producing events and creating culture of the Goddess. These are the historical waves of consciousness which once experienced by women, move into the larger awareness.

But the calling together the women to worship the Goddess of Nature is what the Summoned does and it is equally important with that of the H.P. (High Priestess) presenting, leading the circle, etc. As we have grown into the fiftieth year of our Goddess her-story, more roles need to be clarified and celebrated.

Who are the Summoned?

A Diana Summoned works organizing the stage/attendance/teachings/distribution of information.

She is part of the ritual if she is blowing the conch shell for gatherings. We don’t use that signal now for a while, I have the old conch. The summoned has her own magical musical tool. A trumpet? A flute?

The Summons’s have their own mythology. They were serving Themis, the Goddess of Consciousness . They worked with the Goddess IRIS who is the messenger of the Goddess. Their symbol has been the leaves of the Iris which are sword shaped. It stand for victory/protection/mental battles.

The Summoners have a big staff, which is used to thump the earth with to create emphasis for actions in the circle.

Summoners have the power to create other Summoners.

Eventually we shall grow into of the keeping records: gather in tithes, distribute information, publishing.

The Summoner's Goddess

The most remarkable attribute of the Goddess Themis is that she is the mother of the Fates.

Imagine, the Fates are born out of social consciousness. In other words, the all important destiny of humans is in their awareness.

Themis is the law, both natural law and woman created law.

SBAC#1logoExcited utterances, such as oaths or curses or last wishes... the Fates make them true. Law is created with Themis.

The original Goddess Justice started as the Greek Themis.

She is not often discussed amongst the garden variety Goddesses. Her concept is very abstract, but her affect on human lives is all encompassing.


In 2010, Bobbie Grennier was ordained by Z Budapest as the first Summoner within the Dianic tradition, opening up a new role for women who want to organize and produce events. Currently the only Dianic Summoner, Bobbie works with women who seek to walk this path. Contact Bobbie, if you're interested in this path work too.