Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities (SBAC) is a religious and educational group that provides services and education to nurture the spiritual needs of women though healing, empowerment, and celebration.

The Mission of the Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities is to:

  • Celebrate and honor the life cycles of women.
  • Teach an Earth-based, woman-centered Dianic  Tradition.
  • Encourage women to express and practice their Goddess-centered spirituality in personal and public ritual.
  • Provide training in leadership skills for Dianic spirituality.
  • Members are expected to be active in the promotions and activities of thegroup.
  • Members should attend the events and gatherings sponsored by the coven as often as is possible.
  • Members should be active in the furthering of causes associated with women's rights and equality, following in the footsteps of our matriarchs, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
  • We reserve the right to revoke or refuse membership.

We envision a world that is free from patriarchy, and we foster that reality by challenging bias, prejudice, and power-over dynamics within ourselves and our communities.

We reserve the rights to our sacred spaces and who may enter it with us.