Dress Like A Goddess Week ™

Early September Every Year

Dress Like A Goddess Week ™ is an international celebration of Goddess spirituality and female empowerment. It is in alignment with World Goddess Day.

tumblr_n17stdg4xp1s9nkpfo1_500The purpose of the project is to bring the Goddess one week of visibility to share Her many myths, stories and diversity of worship so the world will remember that the first religion of humanity was the worship of the Goddess.

For many historical reasons the names of the Goddess and Her myths have been forgotten, relegated to mere folkloric curiosities in the Western world. The sacredness and power of Her names were lost; ancient temples  in ruins, statuary destroyed or damaged, ancient songs and invocations to her no longer recited. The sacred myths of the divine Goddess were forced into ambiguity, losing their sacredness, but today there is a resurgence of the female Goddess as an inspiration to people everywhere. No longer is Goddess lore a psychological prism wroth with misunderstood legends of ancient peoples. Today She has been unearthed and once again celebrated as the Great Mother.

mcx-florence-4-lgnThe Goddess has reentered into modern life, bringing with her all Her vitality, power, wisdom and healing through the many Pagan traditions that are revitalizing Her worship.

The Goddess emerges as a counter-culture to Western religions with their male dominant war-god figures. She  speaks for all who feel dissatisfied with the patriarchal paradigm that contributes to sicken the world with distorted and corrupted values.

Nowdays, in a staggered society imaired by centuries of patriarchy, heteronormativity and sexism, the Goddess is considered by many people as the only way to reunite ouselves with the true-self; with our most inner-self.  She is the only way to get rid of so many years of oppression that only brought differences, prejudices and wars. These centuries of patriarchal oppression were crucial to our society to become what it is today... lost generations.

So it is time to celebrate your inner-goddess with Dress Like A Goddess Week! ™

The World Goddess Day is always celebrated on the first Sunday of September. The date was chosen because September is the ninth month of the year and the number nine is one of the most sacred to the Goddess par excellence. And Dress Like A Goddess Week ™ will be celebrated beginning on Goddess Day and ending the following Sunday on the weekend of the International Goddess Festival.


Ideas for what to wear come from your own culture of what a Goddess is to you. Here's a wonderful gallery of images of real life goddess costumes worn by different women or you can do an internet search using words like "goddess dress" or "bohemian dress" or just look into your closet and wear whatever makes you feel like a goddess in your own rite.

If all you can do is Dress Like A Goddess Day ™ for one day, then do it! Celebrate the Goddess in you for just one day or for an entire week, but help bring Her forward into the light of modern consciousness.



Dress Like A Goddess Week ™ and Dress Like A Goddess Day ™ are sponsored by Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities bringing the world a global Dianic consciousness.

Fashion is another word for "confidence". When a woman puts on ornaments that make her feel that her beauty is enhanced, she feels more beautiful, bold, and confident. She feels like the goddess she is.